FREE delivery from all restaurants and supermarkets within 3 miles or $5 off for distances greater. Open 10 AM to 9 PM today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Island Direct?

We are a membership-only delivery service here on St. Croix. You can place an order online on our site, or on the app and we will pick up food from your favorite restaurant and/or supermarket and deliver it to you.

What do we deliver?

We deliver food from your favorite restaurants, groceries from supermarkets and fresh produce from local farms. Our platform can also be used to order a service, such as an errand.

When and where will we deliver?

We will deliver to your home, office, marina, or even to the beach. There are certain areas where delivery will not be available. If your location is not available, please contact Island Direct for alternative delivery options.

We are open for ordering:

Monday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Thursday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Friday: 10 AM - 11 PM
Saturday: 11 AM - 11 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 9 PM

Why do I need to sign up?

Island Direct is a membership-only service, therefore we need to verify your entry and location before we can begin delivering to you. You can sign up on our website or by clicking the "Sign up" button on our facebook page. Please make sure to pinpoint your delivery location by using the "Map It" function.

Is it safe?

Our drivers undergo rigorous background checks and a personal interview process. All monetary transactions will be done by Visa or Mastercard card only, so our drivers will never carry cash. Island Direct will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our customers and drivers.
Please note, Island Direct does not store any credit card information. You will need to enter your card info each time you place an order.

Where should I meet my food?

Our drivers will bring your order into your office or a place of work, however, we ask our customers to meet our drivers outside the house if the delivery location is a residence.

How do I order?

  1. Login to our site and choose your delivery location to see the list of restaurants near you.
  2. Choose a restaurant or a store and pick menu items.
  3. Go thru secure checkout.
  4. Watch your order status screen to see the ETA of your order, and, once your order is en route, name, photo and a car of your driver.
  5. After your order is delivered, please send us your feedback using your order status screen, or review us on Facebook.
Super easy, right?

What are pickup orders?

You are welcome to use Island Direct site to place orders for pickup, there is no fee, it is absolutely free. Just choose "I'll pick it up myself" from the delivery location options drop down.

What are the delivery fees?

Delivery fees are calculated by the linear road distance from a restaurant that is located:
Within 3 miles of your delivery location - delivery fee is $5.
Within 3+ to 4 miles - delivery fee is $6.
Within 4+ to 5 miles - delivery fee is $7.
Within 5+ to 6 miles - delivery fee is $8.
Within 6+ to 7 miles - delivery fee is $9.
Within 7+ to 8 miles - delivery fee is $10.
Within 8+ to 9 miles - delivery fee is $11.
Within 9+ to 10 miles - delivery fee is $15.
Within 10+ to 11 miles - delivery fee is $16.
Within 11+ to 12 miles - delivery fee is $17.
Within 12+ to 13 miles - delivery fee is $18.
Within 13+ to 14 miles - delivery fee is $19.
Within 14+ to 15 miles - delivery fee is $20.
Within 15+ to 16 miles - delivery fee is $25.
Within 16+ to 17 miles - delivery fee is $26.
Within 17+ to 18 miles - delivery fee is $27.
Within 18+ to 19 miles - delivery fee is $28.
Within 19+ to 20 miles - delivery fee is $30.
Within 20+ to 21 miles - delivery fee is $35.
Within 21+ to 22 miles - delivery fee is $36.
Anywhere over 22+ miles - delivery fee is $37.

*Don't worry, you will not need to do any calculations because the distance to restaurant and delivery fee will be automatically be displayed on our app!

Is driver tip included?

Driver tips are not included and not required, but greatly appreciated. You will have two opportunities to tip the driver: once at checkout and when accepting your delivery. We encourage our customers to tip with their credit cards, but you may choose to tip cash as well.

Can I save my payment information on my account?

Island Direct does not store credit card information for security reasons. You will enter your credit card information each time you order. We know it's a pain; however, we want to make sure your information remains secure.

Can I view previous orders?

You can access your order history on your account going back to stone age.
Go to My Account - Order History

How do I change or cancel my order?

You can only cancel your order if the order status is “Waiting on response from the restaurant”. Once order status changes to display the ETA, the order can no longer be canceled.
If you need to make a change to an existing order, please contact us and we will take care of it.

I have special request or have food allergy. What do I do?

For most orders, you can request modifications to a dish's ingredients and preparation. Use the Special Instructions field to include instructions or requests to have a dish prepared.
If the restaurant is not able to accommodate your request, we'll reach out to you directly to let you know.

What is the refund policy?

An order can be canceled at any time if the order status is “Waiting on response from the restaurant”. Once the order is accepted by the restaurant and its status changes to display the ETA, the order can no longer be canceled.
Canceled order receives an automatic refund for the full price of the order as well as any/all fees and tip.
The refund for unavailable items that were removed from the order is processed on the same day and may take up to 5 business days to show on the credit card statement.
Charge for additional items is added to the original transaction on the same day.

Can I save multiple delivery locations?

Yep. Any address you enter will be saved to your account. You can even label each one to make things easier. And you can change or delete any previously stored addresses. Just go to My Account - My Profile - Delivery Locations

Can I order multiple meals from the same restaurant? Different restaurants?

You can order as many meals as you wish from the same restaurant. If you wish to add items to an existing order, you may do so by placing an order at the same restaurant for Pick Up. We will make sure to notify the driver to take your additional items. However, if you’d like to order from a different restaurant, you will need to place a new order.

Can I order now for delivery in the future?

Yes, you can place your order ahead of time. This feature is available at checkout.

How do I get beach delivery?

Please choose “Find Me” from the drop-down list of delivery locations. Once you confirm that the pin is showing the correct location, just place an order as usual.

What if my residence is located on an unpaved/hard to reach road?

We can arrange a delivery point at the beginning of the difficult road. We will do our very best to get as close to you as possible.

What if I have a gate code?

You can meet the driver at the gate. If your residence or office has a guard gate, you will need to call the gate to let them know the driver is coming. You can also call us and tell us the code prior to each delivery.

What if there is something wrong with my order?

Contact us and we will sort things out for you.


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